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In addition to developing its own ecosystem, UFO Gaming also has its sight set on the eSports industry and sees the value in having a robust eSports presence through sponsorships, streams and tournaments.

UFO Gaming Tournaments

"The successful UFO Gaming $10k Cup pitted pro-gamers, streamers, and the general gaming public against one another in an Apex Legends tournament with $10,000 worth of prize money up for grabs. Among the professional players and content creators involved were Nokokopuffs from TSM, Apryze from Complexity Gaming, Bobbysolez, and Allenownz." - Gamespot.

Acquisition of eSports Team

UFO Gaming has acquired an Apex Legends eSports team in partnership with Horizon, creating the UFO-HRZN Team. After our acquisition and support, UFO-HRZN has become the 8th Apex Legends team in Europe.

With full support of our UFO Army, and co-management of the team alongside our partners Horizon, the HRZN-UFO Apex Legends team has become a force to be reckoned with. External to gameplay, this acquisition promotes a two-way community flow between the blockchain and gaming community, solidifying our vision of bridging the gap between the two. 0% of Battle Royal players are active crypto Investors, making them a key target audience