Preparing for journey...

V2 Coming Soon, in the meantime here is a clip from V1
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Our MIssion

To bridge the gap between gaming and blockchain, giving players the ability to earn while playing.

Our Values
All for the love of gaming

We’re passionate about empowering gamers because we’re gamers first. We seek to educate players with games that are accessible and truly challenging and fun to play.

Ambition meets drive

We’re not afraid to make big plans, because we meet them with diligent effort. Constant optimization and the highest quality standards ensure end to end excellence.

Built for the real world

Ease of use is a significant hurdle in the use case of blockchain and crypto. We’re here to change that. Our games are for everyone, not just industry insiders or early adopters.

Community owned

We are 100% community-owned. Run by our pool of holders who will always keep the community and decentralization at the heart of what we do

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