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V2 Coming Soon, in the meantime here is a clip from V1
UFO Gaming Logo
UFO Gaming Logo

Welcome to
the future of

Let UFO transport you into the Dark
Metaverse and enter the future with
play-to-earn gaming.



Our debut game, Super Galactic has now launched in its Beta phase, click below to sign up for our Closed Beta. Additionally, we are accepting exciting game submissions from studios here for our upcoming launchpad.

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dark Metaverse
dark Metaverse

Journey with us into the Dark Metaverse...

The Dark Metaverse is an ever-expanding realm and infinite ecosystem that will consist of P2E games, breedable in-game NFTs, virtual land, and a Metaverse Launchpad that will continually require UFO tokens. Play-to-earn games are the new gaming model taking the world by storm. UFO Gaming will be the cornerpiece. One planet, one game. An ever-growing ecosystem of play to earn games.


UFO Gaming has gained a robust eSports presence; by acquiring its own eSports team, hosting large scale tournaments, sponsoring streamers and partnering with other eSports companies, UFO has become a known brand within the eSports industry and plans on scaling further in order to capture a larger viewership and customer base.

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  • Staking
  • Stake

    Stake UFO Tokens or UFO-ETH LP to earn Plasma Points. Plasma points will not be tradable. With Plasma Points you can mint rare NFTs called Origin UFOeps. There will only be a LIMITED number of these available.

  • Earn

    Whoever has the biggest stake gets the most Plasma for each block. Lock your stake for longer and it will count as a bigger share.

  • Mint

    Spend Plasma to mint Genesis NFTs, characters needed to play Super Galactic.

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